Emmanuel F: An Eco-Luxe Hair Salon Concept Where Nature Meets Nurture

An award winning salon with a pure organic experience.

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Let’s be honest, unless you’re an eco-warrior, chances are you may not be aware of the chemicals in the salon’s hair products as long as they achieve the hair colour you desire.

But what if we tell you top quality hairdressing and sustainability can go hand in hand? We’re talking about Emmanuel F, the city’s pioneering eco-luxe hair salon that caters to hair needs in a non-toxic, eco-friendly way.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to create striking hair colours without exposing the hair to harmful chemicals. For over 10 years, Emmanuel F has been working with Organic Colour Systems, an organic, cruelty-free professional salon brand from the UK in all of its hair services, from hair treatments to styling to colouring, promising healthy haircare and long-lasting results.

Intrigued by Emmanuel F’s eco-friendly philosophy, we visited the salon to get a balayage makeover by its founder and artistic director, Emmanuel Faipoux.

Emmanuel F Salon
Emmanuel F salon is Hong Kong’s first one-stop certified organic hair and beauty concept. Image: Courtesy of Emmanuel F

The vibe

Walking into a hair salon should feel like entering a place of relaxation, providing a pampering me-time to escape the stresses of everyday life—that’s how we felt with Emmanuel F.

Our first impression of the salon began with the reception. Located on the UG floor of The Pemberton, the reception is placed next to the boutique where organic hair care, skincare and beauty products are displayed, with a friendly receptionist greeting guests with a warm welcome.

Behind the reception is the styling stations, a luxurious space lined with stations outfitted with dark brown leather chairs matched with large mirrors leading to the VIP room. The first thing we noticed about the VIP room is the massive mirror, which gives the space a prominent feel and sets the stage for a bespoke experience.

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Emmanuel F's 'Le Salon
Emmanuel F's salon your health no longer needs to be compromised to look your best. Image: Courtesy of Emmanuel F

The Experience

With over three decades of experience up his sleeve, Emmanuel is everything you’d expect from a professional hairdresser: charismatic, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Emmanuel began by offering a stretch test to analyse the protein and moisture balance of my hair. He took a strand of my hair, spritzed water onto the end section and examine its health condition. It turned out my hair had sufficient protein but lacked moisture, like most Asian hair, as indicated by the lack of elasticity.

Based on the result of the stretch test, Emmanuel recommended the Aqua Boost range of products from Organic Colour Systems for my hair to restore its moisture. Unlike most salons that tend to tell clients not to wash their hair prior to hair colouring (in order to keep the sebum on the scalp which protects it against aggressive chemicals in the hair dye), Emmanuel prefers to wash clients’ hair at the salon with organic shampoo before any colour treatment to keep the scalp clean and healthy to achieve optimal colouring results.

After consulting with Emmanuel, I decided to go for a sun-kissed balayage look to match with my summer tan. Emmanuel started by applying organic hair dye to my hair to using a freehand technique to create a natural-looking highlight. It’s normal for dark Asian hair to turn yellow or orange after the hair dye, so Emmanuel prepared a toner to balance my highlighted hair with an ashy tone. More than adding a multi-layered effect to the hair, a good toner also conditions and moisturises to give the hair a polished finish.

The final look was a stunning colour contrast of caramel brown interspersed with golden blonde streaks. To finish, Emmanuel gave my hair voluminous curls using a curling iron to create an eye-catching, dimensional effect.

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Final of Sun-kissed Balayage Look at Emmanuel F
Final look of the Sun-kissed Balayage technique. Photo: Pearl Yan

Our verdict

Emmanuel F offers an eye-opening organic hairdressing experience that allows discerning customers to look their best without having to compromise their health. Combining sustainable practices and French finesse, Emmanuel F provides a greener, healthier alternative with a promise to protect your hair and the environment.

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