First Impressions: Cosmydor Organic-Certified Skincare

We see if the champion of skin health and sustainability lives up to its promises.

Asia spa beauty skincare cosmydor feature

We see if the champion of skin health and sustainability lives up to its promises.

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The Promise: Cosmydor has the lofty goal of being “a more virtuous cosmetics brand”. It’s meant to be more sustainable, more honest and more transparent than its mass-market competitors. To achieve this, it focuses on high-quality formulas made with only the finest natural ingredients, and processes and packaging that are gentle on the environment.

The brand’s history actually dates back to 1877, when it was founded as a manufacturer of premium soaps and eaux de toilette. After disappearing from the market in the late 1960s, it was revived by a French entrepreneur who wanted to build on its original aesthetic and botanical roots to create an artisanal brand that met modern expectations for naturalness and authenticity.

The Packaging: In line with its sustainability pledge, Cosmydor eschews all plastic containers. Instead, it uses glass, opaline glass and aluminium, and minimises its use of cardboard. The jars, tubes and boxes are all made in Europe, and printed in France, to minimise transport and reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. The design, meanwhile, is a modern minimalist style dominated by black and white.

The Ingredients: With the exception of pink clay and organic beeswax, all Cosmydor ingredients are plant-based and meet the strictest of French organic charters. Plants and plant parts have been carefully selected for their active ingredients, which are then extracted by simple, gentle and sustainable manufacturing processes. The exact percentage of active natural ingredients is provided with each product, with no unnecessary fillers or additives.

How to Use: We tried three items from the Intense Skincare facial range: Botanical Regenerating Face Cleanser with Ylang-Ylang, C/4 Hydrating Facial Scrub with Pink Clay and Almond Powder and C/3 Nourishing Mask with Shea Butter and Orange Flower Water. The cleanser is suitable for morning and evening, while the scrub can be used as needed. The mask can be left on for 10 minutes and the excess removed with a tissue, or used as a night cream.

Best For: Anyone who feels strongly about protecting and preserving the environment, but still expects high performance from their skincare products.

Our Verdict: Half the fun of using Cosmydor is studying the detailed ingredients list for each product. The Botanical Regenerating Face Cleanser has a blend of coconut, castor bean, olive and other oils along with more unusual ingredients such as benzoin resin extract and ylang-ylang essential oil. Its thick, gel-like texture foams surprisingly well and rinses clean without drying us out (as most foaming cleansers usually do).

C/4 Hydrating Facial Scrub, with very smooth pink clay and chunks of almond powder, has high concentrations of plant oils that leave the skin soft (once we managed to rinse and wipe off all traces of the clay from our face and hands, which was a bit of challenge!).

Our favourite, however, is definitely the C/3 Nourishing Mask with its 89.1% of active natural ingredients and pleasant floral scent. Shea butter, avocado and macadamia oil hydrate while the orange floral water and orange essential oil act as an astringent to tighten pores and improve skin texture. We were impressed by how well it soothed areas of redness in our skin after just 10 minutes.

Cosmydor comes across almost as a lifestyle choice, given its dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship. And there’s certainly something to be said for using products that contain so many organic, active ingredients. It takes what can often feel routine and turns it into a moment of (natural) luxury.

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Asia spa beauty skincare cosmydor feature