First Impressions: Skin Regimen Urban Detox Kit

We try the botanical three-step programme to combat stress and pollution.

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The Promise

A new brand under the skincare division [comfort zone] of Italy’s Davines Group, Skin Regimen is designed specifically for urban dwellers who want to keep their skin healthy and youthful for as long as possible. Its comprehensive product range works to combat the inflammatory and ageing effects of stress and pollution. After 28 days, clinical tests showed a reduction in cortisol levels at rest and an inhibition of stress-induced cortisol activation.

The Packaging

The Urban Detox Kit includes the Cleansing Cream, Tripeptide Cream and Night Detox in 100% recyclable packaging. Materials include glass, sugarcane-derived plastic and FSC-certified paper. The pleasingly heavy stained-glass jars, used for the Tripeptide Cream and Night Detox, also block damaging light to lengthen the durability of the products. As a carbon-neutral brand, Skin Regimen sponsors a reforestation programme to compensate for CO2 emissions caused during packaging production.

The Ingredients

Described as “modern plant chemistry”, Skin Regimen’s formulas are based around a Longevity Complex of wild indigo, maqui berry, carnosine and spinach. The natural, unisex aroma comes from a blend of juniper, capoha, rosewood and cedarwood essential oils. Made without any unnecessary ingredients for the skin, all products are also free from synthetic fragrances, silicones, animal derivatives, artificial colorants, mineral oils or parabens.

How to Use

The Cleansing Cream can be used morning and evening, mixed with water to create a gentle foam. The brand recommends cool water in the morning and lukewarm in the evening. The Tripeptide Cream is a daily anti-ageing moisturiser, which should be applied to the face and neck with relaxing massage movements. Night Detox, as the name suggests, is a leave-on overnight mask with a cooling texture designed to treat stressed and tired skin. Massage into the skin from the centre of the face outwards, and rinse upon waking.

Best For

Anyone looking for a clean, gentle but highly effective skincare routine, particularly if you are concerned about pollution and its damaging effect on the skin.

Our Verdict

We started using Skin Regimen in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, when surgical masks and the resulting facial irritation became a fact of life. But we quickly saw positive results, thanks to twice-daily use of the Cleansing Cream (not to mention extra time spent massaging and rinsing) and the easily absorbed moisturiser and night mask. The botanical fragrance was also surprisingly soothing without being overpowering. We will happily continue using this kit, and are already considering adding the essence and a booster or two.

Available at Sense of Touch

Asia spa Italy beauty urban detox