5 Reasons Wildsmith Skin Is Truly Nature's Gift

Where the wonder of science meets the beauty of nature.

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British natural skincare brand Wildsmith Skin has made its debut in Hong Kong at Joyce Beauty—and it’s proof that bioactive plant formulas and clinically tested results are a winning recipe for the modern skin.

Born in nature

Heckfield Place in Hampshire
Wildsmith Skin was born at Heckfield Place in Hampshire. Photo: Courtesy of Heckfield Place

Firmly rooted in the British countryside, Wildsmith Skin was born at Heckfield Place in Hampshire, an idyllic Georgian house-turned-luxury hotel with a biodynamic farm where its nutrient-rich botanicals are harvested.

Inspired by the peaceful woodlands planted by William Wildsmith, a horticulturist in the nineteenth century, Wildsmith Skin restores the relationship between native plants and humans through skincare products that reflect the power of nature.

At the moment, five Wildsmith products have debuted in Asia at Joyce Beauty: Active Repair Platinum Booster, Copper Peptide Serum, Copper Peptide Cream, Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Radiance Polisher.

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Powered by nature

Active Repair Platinum Booster with Platinum Matria and advance Hyaluronic acid
Active Repair Platinum Booster with platinum matrix and advanced hyaluronic acid by Wildsmith Skin. Photo: Courtesy of Wildsmith Skin

Combining plant derived bioactives, the finest botanicals and minerals, Wildsmith Skin delivers refined textures and natural fragrances that feel like a walk in the woods.

First exclusively launched at Harrods in September 2019, the Active Repair Platinum Booster is by far the brand’s most sophisticated product. Targeting ageing skin that lacks density and firmness, this superior cream harnesses a delivery system enhanced with platinum particles and collagen-boosting peptides to increase their own bioavailability in the skin. Infused with antioxidative moss culture extract, encapsulated oxygen, cell-boosting molecules and glycosaminoglycan boosters, this targeted booster also gives a lovely, meadowy scent of 100% natural mandarin red peel oil and neroli flower oil.

Science meets nature

Wildsmith Skin Ingredients
The ingredients have been clinically tested to be reliable and natural. Photo: Courtesy of Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith has revolutionised natural skincare with Radical Botany—a principle that combines science with nature to create products that deliver clinically proven results. Working with leading cosmetic clinical trial specialists to conduct targeted independent trials, the British brand prides itself on the efficacy of its formulations.

Amongst all the clinically tested products, the Active Repair Copper Peptide Cream revealed impressive effectiveness in giving significant skin restructuring. Over a period of 28 days by 34 female subjects aged 18 to 65, with dry to very dry skin, 89% of subjects showed a significant restructuring effect with a 30% decrease in the skins protein content, indicating an increase in epidermal cell renewal; 71% of subjects showed a significant increase in collagen density of +6%; and over 91% said skin felt regenerated, smoother, moisturised, softer and nourished.

It’s not hard to see why given its powerful formula boasting Ayurvedic moringa seed oil, collagen-boosting copper peptides and skin-firming paracress flower. The lighter, gel texture makes it pleasant to apply on the skin in all four seasons.

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Gentle yet potent

Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm made from plant bioactives. Photo: Courtesy of Wildsmith Skin

A powerful blend of plant derived bioactives, metallic elements and nutrient-rich botanicals, Wildsmith Skin is designed for consumers who value natural ingredients and expect cosmeceutical results.

But that doesn’t mean the products can’t be gentle on the skin. We were impressed by the Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm, which acts as a brilliant cleanser and makeup remover that melts away all the build-up and excess oil from the skin after a long day. Without drying out the skin, the rosehip oil, meadowfoam seed oil, calendula oil work together to lock in moisture, soothe irritation and improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation.

For best results, mix a Wildsmith spoon of Radiance Polisher into 2-3 spoons of the balm and massage onto face and neck once a week. The 100% natural blend of exfoliants including walnut shell powder, rosehip seed powder, bentonite clay gently polishes away dead skin cells, leaving a glowing complexion.

Compostable packaging

Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum and Cream Packaging
Sustainable packaging using mycelium. Photo: Courtesy of Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin’s commitment to sustainability is more than skin-deep. Using mycelium, a vegetative root structure of a mushroom, combined with locally sourced agricultural waste such as corn and barley husks, the packaging can be decomposed naturally (in your garden or in a compostable recycling bin) without causing any harm to the environment.

Even better than biodegradable plastics, there’s no risk of harmful micro-particles entering the soil or sea—mycelium simply breaks down without a trace. The glass containers are 100% recyclable and can be endlessly reprocessed with no loss of quality, and all the papers used are fully recyclable in local facilities.

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Asia spa hong kong Wildsmith Joyce Selects