SHHH: A City Escape That Treats Your Hair Like Royalty

We checked out this hidden gem on Hollywood Road.

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Let's be honest: hair salons can be a hit or miss sometimes, especially if you don’t know where to look. Ever wondered where local celebrities and even royalties get their hair done? Well, wonder no more because we’ve got the inside scoop for you.

We’re talking about Hong Kong’s SHHH Salon, the professional hair care go-to frequented by high profile customers from all over the world, including hair-conscious celebrities, tycoons, distinguished professionals, industry leaders and even royalties. Surrounded by art galleries, antique shops, artsy cafes and boutiques, SHHH is a lifestyle salon and hair spa with an unassuming address on Hollywood Road in the vibrant Sheung Wan neighbourhood.

SHHH Salon OMG Products
OMG, SHHH's own advanced anti-ageing hair care series delivers salon-grade results. Image: Courtesy of SHHH Salon

The Promise

Understated excellence is the name of the game at SHHH, which comes in the form of every detail in the hair salon. With a vision to create a private sanctuary that allows her clients to sit back and indulge in a bespoke experience, founder and creative director Marvin Lin has pulled out all the stops to develop something truly special. As one of the most sought-after hair stylists in Hong Kong, Marvin is very particular about keeping the experience personal. The name SHHH comes from her philosophy of a curated space where customers can leave their worries behind the moment they step into the salon.

Transcending the boundaries of conventional salons, SHHH prides itself on carrying its own brand of advanced anti-ageing hair care series. Aptly named OMG, this professional hair care system consists of a powerful blend of argan plant stem cells, collagen, hydrolysed keratin protein and hyaluronic acid. Guests can experience the OMG magic in SHHH’s hair treatments and extend its benefits with aftercare products that deliver salon-grade results.

Front View of SHHH Salon
Front monochromatic and minimalist interior of SHHH Salon. Image: Courtesy of SHHH Salon

The Vibe

A visually striking monochromatic front door and floor-to-ceiling window set the tone of the salon. Stepping inside, the minimalist theme continues in the interior design, evoking a sense of space and feeling of comfort through white walls, full-length black mirror frames and ample natural light. You’ll first notice the shelf on the left, which is lined with OMG products and coveted brands, such as candles from Cire Trudon, skincare from Verso and handcrafted Mariella Martinato x Marvin Lin hair brushes from Italy.

Designed purposefully to craft a multi-sensory beauty experience, every detail is taken very seriously at SHHH. Every touchpoint of a guest’s experience—from the delicate, eco-friendly towels entrusted by the Imperial House of Japan, the Shotoku usuhari hand crafted glasses to Taketora bamboo floor mops that date back to 1894—is proof that SHHH is more than just a hair salon.

With just three chairs and a private VIP room, SHHH truly dedicates its attention to each customer who comes through its door. Elevated by soothing classical music in the background and exquisite scents that fill the space, this is where you want to be pampered.

Marvin Lin of SHHH Salon
Marvin Lin explains how the OMG products secret ingredients help restore your hair heath. Image: Courtesy of SHHH Salon

The Experience

SHHH Salon has made a name for itself as one of Hong Kong’s best-kept secrets—for good reason.

On my visit to SHHH, Marvin had just come back from surfing in Sai Kung. After knowing how much of an outdoor sports enthusiast she is, I was surprised by how smooth and bouncy her hair looks. “Your hair can be bouncy like mine, too,” said Marvin. “After today’s OMG treatment.”

To be honest, I didn’t quite believe her at first. After all, my hair had gone through so many colour treatments and it became so dry that I thought I’d need multiple hair treatments—or some sort of miracle—for it to be fixed. “The four key ingredients in our OMG product line: argan fruit stem cell, hydrolysed keratin protein and collagen to fortify and amino acids create an salon standard everyday care for your hair; while the OMG treatment is our secret recipe that multiplies the benefits of OMG hair care plus exclusive ingredients sourced from around the world,” said Marvin.

Back View of SHHH Salon
SHHH's head massage and shampoo area. Image: Courtesy of SHHH Salon

The OMG treatment includes a head massage and treatment cocooned in an “oasis” at the back of the salon. Marvin likes to keep it as a little surprise for first-time clients, as the semi-open room has a roof window with direct views of a flourishing tree she had planted herself. Relaxed as I lay down comfortably, I was explained the step-by-step procedure of the OMG treatment. First, my hair was detoxed using amino acids, which cleansed my scalp without stripping off the natural oil. Then, the black bean extract worked to cleanse the follicles and scalp, followed by rare ginseng extract to boost my hair’s collagen level.

After the wash, my hair was treated with a spray that contains a potent mixture of collagen, amino acids and keratin. My hair was put under infrared heat as the staff gently and patiently spread the product through my hair by hand, one section at a time.

Our Verdict

It was definitely an OMG moment when I saw how silky smooth my hair turned out. “And you don’t need to come back for another treatment for a while—you can simply maintain your hair’s current state by using OMG hair care,” said Marvin. And guess what? She was right. My hair has never felt healthier, glossier and more radiant (in like, forever) since I started using OMG. The OMG Scalp shampoo, conditioner, protective hair spray and repairing serum have become my bathroom essentials, returning my hair to its optimal state even after a day on the beach or swimming in the ocean.

SHHH, G/F, 94 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2915 1001,

You can also contact them via whatsapp +852 9565 3428 or email

Asia spa beauty SHHH Salon logo hero