Where to Get Slimming Treatments in Hong Kong

Just in time for bikini season.

Asia spa beauty Slimming treatment Clarins SPA

It's summer, which means you've probably dusted off the bikinis or the board shorts a few times already. But after months of self-isolation—and perhaps a bit of self-indulgence (no judgement!)—you may have some areas of the body that can use a helping hand when it comes to fat stores or cellulite stashes.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to tackle both, whether through application of heat or cold, detoxifying skincare products, manual massage or a combination of all of the above. We've rounded up four spas and beauty centres in Hong Kong that each offer a unique approach to slimming treatments. Try one or try them all—all you have to lose is fat cells!

Esthe Clinic

Esthe Clinic
Esthe Clinic's "Body Contouring Treatment" will help get rid of those unwanted lumps on your body. Image: Courtesy of Esthe Clinic

Describing itself as “a new generation” of beauty centres, Esthe Clinic is a family business from France that specialises in non-invasive treatments using its own proprietary physician-developed equipment. Its Central clinic is the only place in Hong Kong to offer the company’s cutting-edge devices for permanent hair removal, cellulite treatment and more.

Esthe Clinic’s body-contouring treatments include lipocavitation (using ultrasound to break down fat in a localised area) to create a more streamlined silhouette and EstheCryo, or “fat freezing”, which targets harder and more stubborn fat deposits. The efficacy of treatments varies depending on one’s metabolism but the clinic promises a pain-free procedure with zero downtime.

We can attest to that, having tried the EstheCryo treatment on the lower abdomen. The machine uses suction to draw up the fatty tissue and freeze it, leading to an up to 30% permanent reduction in fat cells (which will be flushed from the body by natural lymphatic drainage over one to two months). It can be repeated after two months and combined with radiofrequency for skin tightening.

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The Peninsula Spa

The Peninsula Spa
The Peninsula Spa offers several different treatments for the body and the face. Image: Courtesy of The Peninsula Spa

Combining anti-ageing and slimming benefits, The Peninsula Spa offers two treatments that promise to firm, hydrate and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Both use innovative manual massage techniques developed by beauty expert Margie Lombard, founder and creator of Margy’s Monte Carlo.

The Collagen Firming Body Treatment (from HK$2,015) is a 60-minute invigorating massage designed to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness with deep hydration to the skin, leaving it revitalised, toned and lifted.

For a more targeted treatment, the Signature Anti-Cellulite Massage (from HK$2,470 for 90 minutes) uses the highest possible concentration of collagen along with deep, invigorating massage techniques to reduce water retention, stimulate circulation, and firm and tone the skin.

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(Update: The Collagen Firming Body Treatment now starts from HK$1,680, and the Anti-Cellulite Massage starts now starts from HK$1,880.)

Clarins SkinSpa

Clarins SkinSpa Slimming Treatments
Clarins SkinSpa offers many different facial and body treatments including ones that are specialised for men. Image: Courtesy of Clarins

If you’re not sure whether to target cellulite or enhance your skin’s firmness, the experts at Clarins SkinSpa can help. Each 60-minute Body Silhouette treatment (HK$1,060) begins with a skin analysis by the therapist to determine the optimal treatment protocol.

Regardless, each treatment is designed to sculpt the silhouette by improving firmness, elasticity, suppleness and hydration. And each combines professional-grade Clarins skincare products and Clarins Touch 100% manual massage techniques.

Studies have shown an average decrease of 0.42cm in the thigh area, 0.32cm at the knees and 0.27cm at the ankles after one massage.

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Nude Beautique

Nude Beautique - Slimming Treatments
Nude Beautique has vast amounts of services from slimming to laser hair removal treatment and many more others. Image: Courtesy of Nude Beautique

Despite our best efforts, exercise and eating right don’t always translate to firmer skin or all-over fat reduction. Which is why Nude Beautique offers Vela Shape, the industry’s only FDA-approved technology for slimming and cellulite reduction, to help clients target problem areas and sculpt their ideal shape.

Each 20-minute treatment targets fat cells through a combination of radiofrequency, infrared light energy, vacuum and mechanical massage. The energy heats fat tissues under the skin’s surface, while the massage enhances lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Nude Beautique recommends a minimum of 10 treatments, combined with a balanced diet and exercise regimen, for the best results. A single treatment area is normally priced at HK$1,200 but is currently offered for only HK$300.

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This story was published on July 7, 2020 and updated on July 23, 2020.

Asia spa beauty Slimming treatment Clarins SPA