Vinoble Cosmetics: The Hangover-Free Way to Add Wine to Your Skincare Routine

It's wine o'clock all day with this Austrian natural skincare brand.

Asia spa beauty skincare Vinoble Cosmetics grape

Driven by a deep-rooted respect for nature, Vinoble Cosmetics sets new standards for sustainable beauty with grape-derived ingredients.

The Promise

Vinoble Cosmetics specialises in vegan, cruelty-free skincare that harnesses the power of grapes. With sustainable beauty at its core, the Austrian brand promises “Skin Happiness”, which describes skin that's healthy and perfectly hydrated with a natural glow. Its products are designed to be unisex, with an option to suit every skin type.

The Packaging

Packaging of Vinobel Cosmetics
The packaging of Vinobel is a eco-friendly and minimalistic with fabric labels. Image: Courtesy of Vinobel Cosmetics

Minimalism is the name of the game at Vinoble, as seen in its eco-friendly packaging made from wood, glass and fabric. We particularly love the textured fabric labels, which are made in Italy and match beautifully with the wooden lids and glass jars (made in dark green to protect the contents from UV radiation).

The Ingredients

Vinobel Cosmetics - refreshing fluid and cooling eye gel
Vinobel Cosmetics focuses on using grapes as their main ingredient in most of their products. Image: Courtesy of Vinobel Cosmetics

Vinoble products are made with 100% vegan ingredients that are sourced locally in Austria or from European suppliers to keep the ecological footprint to a minimum. They are free from parabens, paraffins, PEG substances, synthetic colourings and hormonal active substances.

Production takes place at in-house facility in Austria, with an emphasis on sustainability. Vinoble is also audited annually by the Vegan Society.

Best For
Thanks to the high concentrations of antioxidants, Vinoble is best suited for those concerned with visible signs of ageing. It’s also perfect for anyone who appreciates high-performance skincare with a commitment to ingredient transparency and protecting the environment.

Our Verdict

Vinoble Cosmetics - Detoxifying body oil and salt & grape seed scrub
The detoxifying body oil and salt & grape seed scrub is perfect for balancing the skin metabolism and improve blood flow. Image: Courtesy of Vinoble Cosmetics

If you ever thought wine as skincare was just a gimmick, Vinoble will make you think otherwise. The first things we noticed about the products were how natural they smell and look.

The Purifying Cream, for example, has a subtle apricot shade and the delicate scent of grapes. The natural colour is an indication of the highly concentrated antioxidants, which help to protect skin cells against premature ageing.

The good news is that different skin types can benefit from the same product, thanks to the presence of its hero ingredient, the grape. The Purifying Cream is also suitable for acne-prone skin, due to its light texture that’s easily absorbed. We recommend using it in the morning to create a more balanced, healthy-looking complexion before applying makeup.

Our favourites, however, are the Hyaluronic Concentrate and Regenerating Eye Cream. The Hyaluronic Concentrate is hyaluronic acid in its purest form. We were particularly impressed by its lightweight formulation, which feels weightless on the skin while restoring the skin’s moisture.

The Regenerating Eye Cream is unlike any eye creams we’ve tried before. Instead of being heavy and hard to absorb, Vinoble’s version is formulated with jojoba and grapeseed oil which give it a nourishing effect, while the texture is almost fluffy like a whipped egg white. Another active ingredient worth mentioning is coenzyme Q10, which has a smoothing effect and counteracts ageing caused by external factors.

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Asia spa beauty skincare Vinoble Cosmetics grape