Your Guide to CBD Beauty Products in Hong Kong

For starters, CBD is highly anti-inflammatory.

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CBD, short for cannabidiol, is now the newest beauty buzzword in Hong Kong. One of the over 80 compounds called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD has been misunderstood and often mistaken for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component that gives the “high” sensation. Unlike THC and other psychoactive compounds like cannabinol (CBN), CBD is legal in Hong Kong, and it’s foraying into mainstream popularity as the star ingredient on labels of skincare, makeup and body care.

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is scientifically proven to be effective to treat acne, slow down visible signs of ageing and alleviate dry skin. “CBD can help with a lot of skin concerns, especially for people who have acne-prone or sensitive skin, since CBD can also reduce excess sebum production and alleviate dryness,” says Denise Tam, founder of premium CBD lifestyle brand Heavens Please. Topical CBD is not only for the face—its analgesic (pain-killing) properties are effective in relieving muscle pain, too, which is why we’re seeing it in balms and roll-ons.

Ready to experience the benefits of CBD in your beauty routine but unsure where to start? Step into the world of CBD skincare and up your self-care game with our picks of the best CBD beauty products available in Hong Kong.

Heavens Please

Heaven Please CBD
Khus+Khus Modern Herbal Fusion, The SEN Face Serum containing CBD. Image: Courtesy of Heaven Please

A premium CBD lifestyle brand based in Hong Kong, Heavens Please takes a mindful approach to wellness through the healing properties of CBD. While you can find CBD edibles from coffee beans to almonds at the online store, they also stock some intriguing topical CBD products including Intimacy Lubricant and tiger balm-like Tumeric Salve.

One of the few local brands to tap into CBD beauty, Heaven Please carries a selection of products from Khus + Khus, a non-GMO, 99% organic and 100% plant-based skincare line. This includes the SEN Face Serum, COPIOUS Body Serum, RASA Restorative Potion, BLUE Body Wax, THE FIX Face Potion and a CBD Travel Companion set.

“When I need rescue I will use THE FIX Face Potion as a skin tonic to stabilise metabolic function, it is also suitable for someone who likes a heavier moisturiser. All Khus + Khus products are formulated to calm our nerves at the same time with the help of aromatherapy being used in the creation of the whole cannabinoids line,” says Tam.

Our current favourite? The SEN Face Serum, a potent blend of eco-certified hemp extract with highly regarded Ayurvedic and Western botanicals and resins, which provides the ultimate in cellular healing by maintaining the endocannabinoid that are naturally produced in our body.

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INUF (I Never Use Foundation Breakfast Club)

INUF Movement Oil from Native Atlas
Native Atlas, Misuli Movement Oil (Huile Pour Le Corps) a roll-on to ease anxiety and stress. Image: Courtesy of INUF

The name of this Hong Kong based clean skincare brand makes a whole lot more sense once you learn that every product is centred around “real, raw and recyclable” beauty. Apart from its own skincare line, INUF also carries eco-chic, natural beauty and body care brands from around the world.

The Movement Oil from Native Atlas, a modern botanical brand that showcases the transformative power of plant derived blends, offers instant relief for on-the-go pain and mental fatigue. “Just roll over wherever that’s bothering you—it could be physically, mentally or even emotionally. It also helps with easing your anxiety and stress for a restful sleep,” says Olive, founder of INUF.

An uplifting blend of pure, organic and wildcrafted plant botanicals including 125 mg THC-free cannabinoid rich hemp, mentha, holy basil and lavender, this CBD oil roller can be tossed into any bag, purse or pocket for a quick pick-me-up anytime, anywhere.

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Joyce Beauty

Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum
Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum perfect for ageing and sensitive skin. Image: Courtesy of Joyce Beauty

Luxury beauty retailer Joyce Beauty has also hopped on the CBD bandwagon to launch CBD products from established brands, including Saint Jane, natureofthings and Treaty.

Leave it to luxurious beauty brand Saint Jane to demystify CBD with high-performance skincare and makeup products. Packed with 20 sustainably sourced botanicals, the Luxury Beauty Serum targets aging and sensitive skin with 500mg of CBD—”I passionately believe in high doses of CBD for optimal absorption and overall skin health,” says founder Casey Georgeson.

If you’re unsure about ingestible CBD, you may want to start with topicals from natureofthings, a modern wellness house with a loyal following of high-profile celebrities (we heard Madonna is a fan). Committed to treating the body from the inside out, natureofthings products go beyond beautifying the skin but also targeting pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety through high quality hemp.

“Each product is multi-benefit and can be used in a variety of ways, especially the Superlative Body Balm which has an active cooling property which provides pain relief and can also keep you refreshed on the most humid, muggy days,” says the team behind natureofthings.


Kiehl's Hemp Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate
Kiehl's Hemp Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate is lightweight and fast-absorbing. Image: Courtesy of Kiehl's

Surely, if anyone can get us on board with hemp skincare, it’s Kiehl’s. Known for its nature-meets-science approach to skincare, Kiehl’s pays homage to its apothecary roots with the launch of Hemp Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate. Formulated with 13 ingredients including 60% cannabis sativa seed oil cold-pressed from hemp seeds, this non-comedogenic facial oil is especially effective for problematic skin prone to blemishes, visible redness and dryness.

Lightweight and fast-absorbing, the oil works overnight to purify skin, thanks to those high omega fatty acids which strengthen the skin barrier and soothes the skin. “Cannabis sativa seed oil is one of the richest sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids which plays an important role for healthy looking skin,” says Nancy Ilaya, Kiehl’s Scientific Director. Well, we’re sold.

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BYOB Hemp Seed Calming Mask
BYOB Hemp Seed Calming Mask is for calming sensitive skin for more moisture and rejuvenation. Image: Courtesy of BYOB

Developed by Hong Kong-based skincare expert Christal Leung, BYOB (Blend Your Own Beauty) is a skincare formulator and private label manufacturer that develops salon-level formulas tailored to specific skin types, medical devices and treatments. With over 20 formulations including chemical exfoliators, treatment serums, treatment oils and treatment masks, the BYOB regime was born with skincare professionals in mind but also designed to be user-friendly as well.

A natural remedy for comedones and acne-prone skin, The Hemp Seed Calming Mask is an ultra-comforting and anti-inflammatory blend of vitamin E and A-rich hemp seed oil, anti-bacterial argan oil, nourishing and skin smoothing olive-derived squalane as well as natural humectants vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid. The mask is now available for pre-order at

Asia spa beauty cbd hero