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Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li. 480 West Jianguo Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


Auriga spa, Capella Hotels and Resorts’ branded concept, has made its debut in Mainland China at the Capella Shanghai. Nestled in the heritage Jian Ye Li estate, it is a shikumen sanctuary for those in search of mindful well-being within the cultural preservation zone of Xuhui District.

In keeping with Capella’s commitment to service excellence, delivered in consideration of local cultural significance, Auriga spa offers the best of luxurious treatments rooted in locally-inspired holistic healing methods. Auriga achieves optimal well-being for nourishing body, mind and spirit with a mix of luxury skincare products by Margy’s Monte Carlo, the time-tested ancient practices of Traditional Chinese Wellness (TCW), and the latest innovations in spa technologies and treatments.

A signature series of treatments at every Auriga spa location, guests will enjoy treatments designed according to the corresponding lunar phase – New, Waxing, Full and Waning lunar cycles. During the new moon phase, there is a natural lull in energy levels. These signature treatments will rejuvenate guests to prepare them for the coming weeks ahead. The waxing moon means that energy levels are on the rise again, and the mind will be more motivated to stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand, the perfect time for fitness and physiotherapy. During the full moon, Auriga spa treatments are designed to declutter the mind after the burst of creativity and energy the full moon brings. Finally, as the moon wanes, the body becomes more accepting of detoxing and cleansing treatments.

Signature Treatment

New Moon · The Beginning

The New Moon is the time for renewal and introspection. Meditate on who you are and would like to become and establish strategies to reach your higher potential. To begin, a massage of your feet - your foundation; your feet will be anointed with aromatherapy oils to awaken your spirits. The body and mind are then thoroughly revitalised with a scrub followed by a full body massage and a special refreshing herbal tonic. Your body will feel awakened after this invigorating treatment.

120 minutes - RMB1,650++

Waxing Moon · Sowing The Seeds

The Waxing Moon is the time to refocus your energy, to nourish yourself, and to reach your goals and higher potential. Embrace and embody your visions. To begin, a rich, luxurious oil will be worked into the feet using pressure point techniques. To release the creative energies of the mind, the scalp is massaged and both the feet and head are anointed with aromatherapy oil while a luxurious salt scrub exfoliates the body. The treatment concludes with a nurturing facial mask and a full body massage. To further enhance the treatment, a strengthening and nurturing herbal tea tonic will be served. You will feel grounded and full of creative energy after this nourishing treatment.

120 minutes - RMB1,680++

Full Moon · The Height

The Full Moon is the time to realise your full potential. Live life to its fullest. The treatment begins with an anointment and massage of the feet with aroma oils. After the body is exfoliated leaving both the mind and body in complete harmony. Followed by a balancing massage and lymphatic facial massage. Herbal tea is served at the end of your treatment to help you on your journey.

150 minutes - RMB1,880++

Waning Moon · Cleansing

The Waning Moon is the perfect time to cleanse. Cleansing treatments undertaken during this phase are more effective and will act on deeper levels. Allow the forces of nature to assist you as you let go and renew. The treatment begins with a massage of the feet with detoxifying oils and pressure point techniques, releasing toxins and stimulating your inner organs. The body is then gently exfoliated using a body brush to stimulate the lymphatic system while smoothing the skin.  Followed by a cleansing massage using lymph drainage techniques that further encourages the elimination of toxin. You leave with an herbal tea tonic designed to deeply cleanse the system.

150 minutes - RMB1,880++

Hydrating Collagen Facial

Exceptionally pure, active ingredients are used to transform the appearance of your skin.  As well as being intensively hydrating, this facial will smooth fine lines and slows the appearance of ageing.

60 minutes - RMB1,800++

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Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li. 480 West Jianguo Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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8am - 10pm


Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li. 480 West Jianguo Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai