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Pamper yourself while visiting Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel's signature HARNN Heritage Spa. Enjoy soothing facial treatments, massages, body scrubs and more in a tranquil atmosphere.

Embracing the Eastern wisdom passed down from generation to generation perfected over thousands of years, HARNN Heritage Spa focuses on restoring natural balance of body and mind. At HARNN, we take pride in our heritage; the legacy of our ancestors is treasured and their wisdom has been embraced with gratitude.

Inspired by the practice of traditional Asian medicine and naturopathy, each HARNN treatment is thoughtfully designed to enrich your relaxing experience. Here, only the finest botanical ingredients are used to create and complete harmony between man and Mother Nature.

HARNN Heritage Spa is a sanctuary for the body and soul. The environment provides the purifying power gifted by the earth. Complemented by skilful techniques by our professionally trained therapist, we offer you the ultimate pampering and relaxation you well deserve.

Signature Treatment

The Rhythm of the Ocean

Restoring vital connection between nature and mankind, The Rhythm of the Ocean with the holistic power of Yin Yang offers you an absolute rebalance of body and spirit. An absolute body exfoliation with Natural Sea Salt, Sesame Seed Powder and Tamarind Seed Extract is served to soften and turn the skin silky smooth.A Therapeutic Oil Massage inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Thai Massage combining sedative “Yin” and invigorating “Yang” techniques as a rhythmic medium-to-deep pressure restores the natural balance with the use of High-Oryzanol Rice Bran Oil mixed with the Personalized Five Elements Essential Oil Blend of each individual.Arising the authenticity of the journey with Ayurvedic Kizhi Treatment or Hot Sand Compress applied on the focused areas to alleviate muscle tension, leading to greater range of motion, improved balance, and increased flexibility. Indulgently complete the journey with Revitalising Facial Rescue, a rejuvenating and hydrating treatment, leaving you a soft, supple and glowing skin.Includes: Foot Ritual, Tropical Sea Salt Body Scrub, Therapeutic Oil Massage, Hot Sand Compress, Revitalising, Facial Rescue

150 minutes - HKD2,080++

Ocean Breeze

Let purify your sense and fend off the fatigue from long haul flights with this special package. Ayurvedic head massage with the magical healing properties of black pepper balm massage on the back and leg areas to releases muscle tension, enhance blood circulation and rebalance the circadian rhythm of the body, promoting a restful sleep. Eventually, Revitalising Facial Rescue will be applied to moisturise and restore hydration for dewy, healthy looking skin.Includes: Foot Ritual, Ocean Retreat, Revitalising Facial Rescue

120 minutes - HKD1,770++

Siamese Heritage Massage (Vigorous & Energising)

Thai Massage, developed from stretching techniques used after Buddhism Meditation, was introduced to Thailand from India 2,500 years ago. Manual manipulation is applied to various trigger points, using fingers, palms, elbows, and knees. A specific set of unique postures are utilised by a therapist to stretch various muscle groups, stimulating flow of internal energy.To further relax tense muscles, Hot Sand Compress is ideally added. The heat from the Herbal Compress will release contracted muscles, while its active botanical ingredients are absorbed through the skin, maximising therapeutic effects.

90 minutes - HKD1,300++

Immortal Anti-Ageing Facial

Dryness and dehydration are the main causes of ageing skin. HARNN Water Lily Collection with natural extracts from Water Lily, Pomegranate, Chamomile, and Black Tea restores Elastin and Collagen and prevent the skin from harmful free-radicals. At the same time, Natural Jasmine Essential Oil provides the uplifting and relaxing aroma and soothes skin irritation. Our unique facial massage techniques offer you a very touching effect of a firm and luminous facial skin.

60 minutes - HKD1,355++

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Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong