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Zannier Hotels Omaanda, Farm n° 78, Rest of Ondekaremba Farm, Kapps Farm, Windhoek East (Namibia)


The mantra defining our spa is to respect every culture, to value all customs and to embrace traditions. Our goal is to enhance the life and well-being of everyone who enters The Spa at Omaanda. We are pleased to offer you a collection of the finest, traditionally inspired spa treatments in Namibia. The Spa treatments are all designed to purify and rejuvenate your body. They embrace age-old healing techniques, beauty recipes that replicate ancient Namibian beliefs, and cultural traditions with therapies designed to encompass mind, body and spirit. Experienced therapists, with well-honed skills in the modern-day interpretation of treatments that have been handed down through the centuries, create a natural, relaxing and heartfelt spa encounter.

Upon arrival at The Spa, you will be welcomed with a selection of refreshing herbal beverages and fruits, before commencing a personalised treatment that uses only the finest organic, indigenous ingredients and delivers outstanding and long-lasting results. In visiting The Spa our sole aim is to take care of your personal temple. It houses your mind, spirit and intelligence and we must nurture and care for it daily.

Signature Treatment

The Spa Splendors Ritual

This ancient traditional treatment utilises a centuries-old village recipe of warmed herbs and spices to increase blood circulation and ease aches and pains. It consists of a refreshing and exotic aromatic blend of roots, herbs and spices ground in a mortar and pestle. The crushed herb and spice mix is applied to the body as scrub, excluding the face and sensitive areas. This treatment increases blood circulation and its exfoliating ingredients soften the skin. An aromatherapy relaxing massage concludes this signature ritual.

80/110 minutes - NAD1,120++ / NAD1,540++

Touch of Namibia

Touch of Namibia offers a simple yet powerful approach with extremely effective massage techniques to deeply relax. It incorporates joints stretching and mobilisation rhythm, increasing one’s flexibility, stretching the ligaments and tendons, relieving tension or muscles tightness and returning the body to its natural relaxed state. This massage uses medium to strong vigorous kneading and cross fiber mobilisation to work on trigger points. Deep thumb and elbow pushing techniques predominate, stimulating soft tissue and working deeply to ease muscle and joint pain by breaking down tensely knotted tissue. “Touch of Namibia” is highly recommended after your wildest safari adventure tours.

60/80 minutes - NAD700++ / NAD980++

Touch of Sweden

This massage developed in the 18th century in Sweden, sometimes described as ‘classic’, is the leading and best-known form of therapeutic massage. It was one of the first truly global fusion styles of massage that used gentle but firm pressure. The dynamic therapy of long flowing strokes is based on massage techniques from around the world. This full body massage works on all major muscle groups of your body, giving reasonable pain and tension relief while relaxing your muscles. It helps flush the body tissues of uric and lactic acids as well as other metabolic waste, improving overall health and wellness.

60/80 minutes - NAD700++ / NAD950++

The Miracle Tree Divine Facial

This facial treatment uses ‘Moringa’, a new anti-aging alternative high in vitamins A, C, and E as well as phytonutrients. These vitamins and nutrients are very potent antioxidants, rich in Zeatin, which protects and alters the human skin cycle and focuses on building new collagen. With this treatment, new cells will grow faster than the older cells (died), a key component to a more youthful-looking skin while preventing and reducing wrinkles. It has been proved that skin cells nourished with Zeatin retain their functions longer and are more resistant to environmental stresses. Moringa has potent flavonoids which help to maintain the body’s collagen, keeping skin firm and healthy. The Moringa “purifying tree” cleanses the skin, balances the secretion of oils, reduces skin fatigue, clears pimples and diminishes the formation of blackheads – on all skin type. It helps tighten pores and keeps the skin healthy, glowing and younger-looking.

60 minutes - NAD840++

Personalised hands on body and beauty care

At The Spa, we also offer personalised treatments designed for great skin and body health, making our approach totally personal. We respect and we consider everyone’s need, with the aim of delivering results. Time: there is never enough… but we make every minute count and adapt to every request. Our personalised treatments selection includes:Touch for Head – Head and Neck Massage Touch for Face – Express Facial Touch for Back – Back Massage Touch for Legs – Leg Massage Touch for Hands – Hand Reflexology Touch for Feet – Feet Reflexology Touch for Skin – Skin Polishing or Cocooning Touch for Nails – Express Manicure or PedicureChoose your spa journey and make it truly special. Select a combination of at least two thirty minutes treatments that suit your mood of the day.

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Zannier Hotels Omaanda, Farm n° 78, Rest of Ondekaremba Farm, Kapps Farm, Windhoek East (Namibia)

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Zannier Hotels Omaanda, Farm n° 78, Rest of Ondekaremba Farm, Kapps Farm, Windhoek East (Namibia)