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The St.Regis Athletic Club & Spa offers a uniquely personalised experience with luxury in mind. Each chosen brand is proven in delivering results-driven treatments which are tailor-made to suit your needs for a perfect urban escape.

We offer a range of high performance products and exquisite signature treatments, delivered by a highly-trained team of therapists to help balance and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Signature Treatment

The Athletic Club Spa St Regis Hong Kong Signature Flow Facial

Signature Flow Performance (001 Skincare London)

This Facial is tailored to address your specific concerns and includes an invigorating massage based on different techniques stemming from the Oriental Gua Sha principle to initiate skin fascia & internal fluid movements to achieve targeted results. Upon consultation, we will choose a set of thermal-regulated Gua Sha tools made from handpicked natural materials carved cut into different shapes. By following the meridians, lymphatic system and connective tissue alignment, we directionally apply light pressure with the chosen tools across to move sluggish lymph fluids in problematic areas carrying toxins and excess fluids, while stimulating the Qi, bringing oxygen to the skin's surface and restart microcirculation.

75 minutes - HKD2080++ (Mon-Thu)/ HKD2180++ (Fri-Sun/Public Holidays)

The Athletic Club Spa St Regis Hong Kong Bamboo Energiser Massage

Bamboo Energiser Massage

Bamboo has been considered as a powerful healing tool since ancient times. We incorporate bamboo stalks to various lengths combined with deep tissue massage techniques such as gliding, rolling and kneading movements to release built-up muscle tension, knots and trigger points. Rhythmic, penetrating and stimulating, this massage alleviates stress deep down and soothes muscle aches that contribute to restlessness across the body and mind. A pure therapy for the body and soul.

60/90 minutes - HKD1,480/HKD1,880 (Mon-Thu)/ HKD1,580/HKD1,980 (Fri-Sun/Public Holidays)

The Athletic Club Spa St Regis Hong Kong World Dynastic Massage

World Dynastic Massage

A powerful tailor-made full body massage combines techniques from all corners of the world to address your complete or targeted well-being concerns. Upon consultation, our therapists will create a bespoke precious oil fusion and design a massage routine incorporating various techniques based on their profound performance and benefits to suit your exact needs to either relax and soothe muscle tensions or boost your mood. The list does not stop there, we welcome you to communicate with our therapist to achieve a deep, healing treatment to stimulate circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and awaken your senses.

60/90 minutes - HKD1,380++/HKD1,780 (Mon-Thu)/ HKD1,480++/HKD1,880++ (Fri-Sun/Public Holidays)

The Athletic Club Spa St Regis Hong Kong 3 Lab

Anti-ageing Facial (3Lab)

Immerse yourself in the untouched treasure of marine-based skincare for anti-ageing, hydration and protection. The ultimate Anti-Ageing Oil - featuring 24K gold flecks, will hydrate, diminish and fill in fine lines and wrinkles. The facial uses a technologically-advanced purifying sheet mask that lifts, firms and brightens skin. Infused with Nano-Claire GY™, the world's first bioengineered growth hormone for younger, firmer skin. It aims to saturate the skin with moisture to relieve dryness, hydrate, and smoothen the skin. The treatment improves skin density and firmness, making lines and wrinkles less visible, and minimises the appearance of skin pigmentation. Ultimately this facial strengthens and hydrates mature skin, promoting skin's radiance and glow, leaving it softer, smoother and more supple.

90 minutes - HKD2680++ (Mon-Thu)/ HKD2780++ (Fri-Sun/Public Holidays)

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The St. Regis Hong Kong, One Harbour Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Hong Kong

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