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The Circle of Connection Spa, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island, Desroches Island, Outer Amirantes, Seychelles


Attune yourself to the cycle of the day, the circle of life, and the endless connections in between at The Circle of Connection Spa: a haven of wholeness where self, senses, and surroundings unite in infinite oneness. At Desroches Island, nothing is linear; everything is interconnected.

Signature Treatment

Rhythms of Desroches

Meditative and Calming - From crashing waves to whispering wind, singing birds to the sublime sound of silence, bask in the aural splendour of Desroches combined with a euphonious nod to the island’s African heritage. Massage and music meet with a sea-inspired sand, salt and aloe scrub and body mask; a harmonising sound bath of chimes, rain sticks and singing bowls; and a soak in regenerating sea salts accompanied by calming ocean sounds. Your experience ends with a Sound of the Waves Massage, featuring a soothing rolling technique that mimics the sound and motion of waves using eggs filled with heated baobab seeds.

150 minutes - EUR340++

Flavours of Desroches

Refreshing and Detoxifying - This cleansing ritual is, quite simply, good enough to eat… Drawing on the island’s edible, skin-beneficial ingredients – including lemongrass, pineapple and cardamom – it will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed inside and out. Begin with a detoxifying facial using the enzyme-exfoliating properties of papaya and pineapple, followed by a deeply cleansing coconut mask. Then slip into an ‘edible’ coconut water bath infused with lemongrass, before a circulation-boosting massage with warm pindas of pink and black pepper, coriander and cardamom. Your experience ends with a sweet lemony Desroches Tea Ceremony, flavoured with lemongrass (to boost digestion) and buchu (an ancient ‘elixir of youth’).

180 minutes - EUR355++

Fragrance of Desroches

Relaxing and Restorative - Embark on a bespoke aromatherapeutic adventure into the fragrant heart of Desroches. Create your own blend from our range of 15 island-inspired essential oils, each chosen for its balancing effects on the mind and emotions. From the nutty caramel toffee and warm amber scents of exotic omumbiri, omutati, and opoponax to the floral sweetness of frangipani and vanilla, or the zinginess of grapefruit, follow your nose to choose your very own wellbeing-boosting fragrance. We’ll then use your unique blend for a bespoke bath, massage and facial experience designed to clear your mind, brighten your mood, and restore your physical and emotional equilibrium. And breathe…

165 minutes - EUR370++

Texture of Desroches

Invigorating and Immune-boosting - Connect to the island’s multi-layered sensations with this somatosensory four-handed experience: a harmonious recreation of the soft morning breeze, warm midday sun, cool ocean waters, and stimulating sand. Feathers, crystals, African combs, coconut beads, and the synchronised movements of two therapists combine to incredible effect in an exfoliating sand and coconut bead body mask, followed by a four-handed massage: an invigorating sensory treat featuring a constant alternation of hot and cold crystal balls. Return to blissful relaxation with a soothing head massage beneath a warm stream of coconut oil.

135 minutes - EUR325++

Spectrum of Desroches

Joyful and Holistic - Open your eyes to illuminating joy with this insightful ritual: a powerful exploration of the vibrational benefits of the colours of Desroches – designed to balance the autonomic nervous system and boost wellbeing. Each colour in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength, frequency and nutritive energy. Inspired by Desroches’ violet, orange and red sunset, indigo starlit sky, turquoise sea, green vegetation, and yellow sun, this African crystal ritual features a smudging ceremony, rainbow-hued bath and beautiful visual meditation. It ends with a Dreamsight massage to stimulate the pineal gland, the body’s sleep centre, and induce an all-seeing, dreamlike bliss.

105 minutes - EUR310++

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Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island, Desroches Island, Outer Amirantes, Seychelles

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Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island, Desroches Island, Outer Amirantes, Seychelles