The 7 Most Breathable Face Masks for Training in the Gym and Outdoors in Hong Kong

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Wearing a face mask has become mandatory at the gym, as per Hong Kong’s most recent Covid-19 measures in response to the third wave.

As gyms are open again as of September 4, those of us who've been itching to return to the gym now have to wear a face mask while exercising, according to Hong Kong government's latest social-distancing rules.

The fact that face masks can add resistance to airflow means we should not only train hard, but also train smart, too. Luckily, top sports brands and local start-ups are changing the game with breathable, stretchable face masks that allow you to stay cool and comfortable while keeping yourself and others safe.

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Under Armour UA Sportsmask

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Touted as “the facemask made for athletes”, the UA Sportsmask consists of a high-tech three-layer system. The outermost layer is made of fabric, which is said to be light and stay off your nose and mouth for better airflow. The middle layer is an open-cell foam that works to wick sweat and allow air to flow through the mask.

The innermost layer is where the magic happens—using Under Armour’s UA Iso-Chill technology applied in its other workout gear, the custom fabric is stretchable, feels cool against the skin and has an anti-microbial treatment. That’s not all, the UA Sportsmask is also washable and water-resistant—"even rain rolls right off it,” according to Under Armour.

Available in Black, Pitch Gray, Midnight Navy and Red, the mask is now available for pre-order at

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Respro Ultralight Mask

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When it comes to face masks, it’s impossible to not mention Respro. Known for producing some of the best anti-pollution face masks, the British company’s latest invention is the Ultralight Mask, featuring a ‘four-way stretch’, air-permeable technical fabric that allows the face to breathe in the hot and humid conditions in Asia. The brand describes it as “more comfortable than a kangaroo’s pouch in the desert”, so you can imagine how breathable and stretchable it is.

An expert in developing solutions to pollution found in the urban sports environment, Respro has inserted its Hepa-Type sports PM2.5 filter to block exhaust and diesel particulates.

Available in black, olive green and sand, the Ultralight Mask is available via free worldwide delivery

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Lockill FaceOff

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Locally made in Hong Kong and tested by Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Lockhill FaceOff features Bacterial Filtration Rate (BFE) at over 95% and air permeability at <3.5 mmH2O/cm2, making it a safe and breathable option for athletes training outdoors.

With an emphasis on fluid resistance and durability, FaceOff is made of quick-dry and washable materials reusable for up to 20 times.

Available in Misty Blue, Dusty Pink, Denim and Dark Grey at Lockill

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By now we know that “maskne”, which refers to acne breakouts, irritation and redness from wearing a face mask, can take a toll on our skin—especially when sweat is trapped under the mask.

This is when Hong Kong-based company Aveita comes in. Made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex, its face mask is said to be 99.9% antibacterial up to 30 times of washing. Thanks to its fit-to-face design, the mask feels comfortable against the skin and avoids glasses from fogging.

Available in Twilight Blue, Desert Green and Cosmic Black at

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YONEX Sports Face Mask

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Originally created to meet the health needs of Yonex athletes and staff, the washable face mask is made of the brand’s latest technology, VERYCOOL, which is featured in the tennis and badminton tournament collections worn by the likes of Grand Slam Champion Stan Wawrinka and World Champion Kento Momota.

A blend of plant-derived xylitol that absorbs heat in response to sweat, the VERYCOOL technology lowers body heat by 3°C—a plus to avoid heat from trapping under the mask. And you don’t have to worry about the odor either, as the reusable mask has gone through an antibacterial treatment to reduce unpleasant smells.

Available in Pink, Black, Navy Blue and Ice Grey at

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Training Mask VENT Filtration Trainer

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What better way to train than tackling optimal performance and safety all at once? More than just a face mask, Training Mask VENT has been tested at Nelson Laboratories to insure a filter for PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) 0.1um at 99.36%, protecting the lungs in unsafe air conditions while training.

Featuring the multi-patented Respurity Breathing Conditioning Platform that caters to six levels of air resistance and cryobench cooling technology to wick moisture away from the skin, the mask is designed to elevate your fitness, stamina and endurance by improving breathing performance without sacrificing comfort.

Available at Fit Boxx

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Buff Filter Mask

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A favourite among outdoor enthusiasts, Buff is no stranger to providing all day comfort suits for everyday adventures. Its latest invention, Buff Filter Mask, offers something different from the head bands and neckwarmers it’s known for.

Designed with easy change Buff Replacement 3-Layer Filters with 98% BFE, the mask’s inside pocket is also enhanced with HeiQ V-block antimicrobial fabric treatment for optimal protection against viruses and bacteria. The 4-Way Ultra Stretch Buff and CoolNet UV+ offers adjustable comfort with excellent breathability.

Pre-order at Buff.HK

Asia spa hong kong face mask vent training mask wellness fitness