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Global Wellness Summit Adds to Its Popular Podcast Series

Gain expert insights from leaders in the global wellness industry.

Asia spa tradetalk GWS podcast

Since its launch in 2007, the Global Wellness Summit has been bringing together leaders and visionaries from the international wellness industry to encourage dialogue, support innovation and foster relationships. Following the most recent Summit, held in Singapore in October 2019, organisers launched a podcast series featuring interviews with a range of experts.

The interviews, captured live at the Summit and the 2020 Wellness Trends press event in New York, cover thought-provoking topics such as the origins of global wellness, what millennials want, how to avoid jet lag, and embracing the "Asian century".

Five episodes have recently been added, bringing the total to 26. Highlights include "One Health, One Wellness: Creating Globally Sustainable Lifestyles that Will Help Us Avoid the Next Coronavirus" with Victor Koo, co-founder of Tianren Culture, and "Wellness Innovation: Looking Forward to Global Wellness Summit 2020" with Welltech1's Amir Alroy. Other topics include global wellness trends and imagining life beyond 100.

Listen here.

Asia spa tradetalk GWS podcast