This 21-Day Sleep Challenge is The Habit Makeover You Need in 2020

Saed Alami explains the 21-Day Sleep Challange

Asia spa wellness Saed Alami 21 days sleep challange alexandra gorn

When it comes to healthy habits, many of us focus only on exercise and diet. Think about how much time and money we spend on gym memberships, PT sessions, weight-loss programmes, dietary supplements and organic food—all to achieve physical fitness. Yet how many times do we say we don’t have the time to sleep?

It’s rather shocking how little importance we place on sleep, considering we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. In fact, studies have shown that sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to diseases such as flu, cold or Covid-19.

The 21-Day Sleep Makeover
Following the success of last month’s 21-Day Nutrition Challenge, where more than 300 people from around the world were introduced to a practical guide to building healthy habits around nutrition, The Process Programming (an online training programme by the team behind Coastal Fitness) has decided to put the spotlight on another important pillar of health: sleep.

Saed Alam
Saed Alami, coach and personal trainer at Coastal Fitness. Image: Courtesy of Saed Alam

How does it work?
“Over the course of 21 days, we will focus on the most actionable steps to make change to your current habits around sleep,” says Saed Alami, coach and personal trainer at Coastal Fitness, who is in charge of programming the 21-Day Sleep Makeover.

The Sleep programme is free for anyone to join, providing participants with educational content and tools that set them up for success by harnessing the right mindset, environment and systems. Participants will also get access to two platforms: a free MyCoach app with daily lessons and real-time progress feedback, and a Facebook group where they can hold each other accountable and receive daily check-ins and personal feedback from Saed.

Logan Nolin
Try the 21-Day Sleep Challenge for a habit makeover. Image: Logan Nolin/ Unsplash

What to expect
Week 1: Change your Environment
This week will be about transforming your surroundings into a space that supports you in your success. The coach will start with assessing your current sleep routines and use this information to create your personal sleep routine of success.

Week 2: The Why and How of Sleep
In the second stage of this 21-Day Sleep Makeover, participants will learn more about what sleep actually is—this includes the stages of sleep, REM sleep, dreams, napping and how to use this info to their advantage.

Week 3: The Last Touch
By now the participants have accumulated a solid foundation of habits and knowledge around sound sleep. In the third and final stage, it's about delving into further details about other factors concerning sleep such as jet lag, sleeping pills, alcohol, etc.

Sign up for free here before June 12, 2020 and follow Saed aka @thehealthyhabitguy for updates on upcoming 21-Day Makeovers

Asia spa wellness Saed Alami 21 days sleep challange alexandra gorn