Top Hong Kong Personal Trainers to Follow on Instagram for Fitness Motivation During Covid-19

We've cut the BS to present you the best of the best.

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It’s safe to say that many of us are itching to return to the gym where we can get some serious training in. Luckily, Instagram makes it easier than ever to help us stay motivated with fitness influencers sharing workout ideas, training tips and health advice.

From CrossFit athlete, self defence coach to MMA fighter, each of these fitness influencers offers something different in Hong Kong’s ever-changing fitness landscape.

Stephanie Cuvelier, founder of Calibrate Studios

Whether you’re looking to improve your mobility, exercise during and after pregnancy or improve your performance, Nike Training Club Trainer Stephanie Cuvelier means business when it comes to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Saed Alami, Coach at Coastal Fitness

Passionate about mental growth, Saed Alami is all about using fitness as one of the tools to help his clients make lasting lifestyle changes. Knowledgeable about nutrition, sleep and goal setting, his Instagram feed has no lack of motivational videos and quotes that will inspire you to develop a healthier relationship with food, exercise and yourself.

Avey Cortes, trainer at Hit45 and LightsOut

Known for his HIIT classes, the Lululemon ambassador shares easy-to-follow at-home workout posts to inspire his followers to keep moving. Follow his Instagram for updates on virtual fitness sessions and soak up some serious workout motivation.

Tammi Robinson, Coach at Coastal Fitness

Tammi Robinson is what we call #fitnessgoals. From Abu Dhabi to Bali to Hong Kong, the CrossFit Games athlete has years of coaching experience under her belt. While her impressive six packs are always on display, her feed also offers a peek into her life as a professional athlete and coach at Coastal Fitness.

Utah Lee, Nike Master Trainer

The Nike Master Trainer and fitfluencer’s life looks like a holiday, thanks to the dreamy backdrops in her Instagram posts. Follow her for fitness inspiration, beauty and fashion ideas, but you'll stay for the occasional dance videos and cute dog photos.

Benny Liu, found of One Personal Training

The co-founder of One Personal Training is the go-to guy for body transformation. Leading the fitness scene in Asia, Liu has competed in Men’s Physique and is now running two personal training gyms in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Ant Haynes, CrossFit Games athlete

Having earned his title as “Fittest Man in China”, this CrossFit Games athlete Ant Haynes shows no signs of stopping with his hardcore workouts that sometimes look humanly impossible. Follow him on Instagram and you may be inspired to lift some heavy weights, too.

Santina Philips, founder of Ursus Fitness

Also known as “Bam”, the co-founder of Ursus is a Strongman athlete and personal trainer who specialises in strength and conditioning. She’s also a big believer in empowering women through weight training.

Jason Richard, founder of Sunday Shred

Jason Richard is the founder of Sunday Shred, an outdoor training community that has now expanded to indoor group classes. Bonus: Jason is also a talented musician who raps—his latest album Loose Leaf is sure to inspire you to move wherever you are.

Ed Haynes, founder of Coastal Fitness

Specialising in athlete development, lifestyle management and fitness for longevity, Ed Haynes is the co-founder of Coastal Fitness and Earned Athletic. His Instagram feed is dedicated to answering your burning fitness questions and serving much-needed motivation.

Teddy Lo, founder of Trybe

Teddy Lo goes by “The Ninga of Trybe”, and he’s earned that title. The co-founder of Trybe is determined to shift the way fitness is perceived in Asia through movement training, including acrobatics, gymnastics and calisthenics. Expect to find videos of him doing jaw-dropping moves like human flag, one-arm handstand as well as guest appearance of his beautiful doggos Mischa and Dailo.

Aaron Martin, co-founder of SharedSpace

Co-founder of SharedSpace Movement, Aaron Martin is not your typical personal trainer. Passionate about helping others experience the world through movement, he is an acrobatics teacher and movement director at Ikigai. On his Instagram feed, you can find him flipping, jumping and balancing in Hong Kong’s parks, streets, harbour fronts and rooftops.

Tricia Yap, personal trainer and health coach

A badass mom and trainer who isn’t afraid to get real with her followers on Instagram, Yap has recently started the #savehkfitness campaign to support the fitness and wellness industry during the pandemic. Follow her Instagram where she shares her struggles and success of parenthood as well as the ups and downs during her fitness journey.

Andres Vesga, movement coach

A movement teacher and student of Ido Portal, Andres Vesga is dedicated to movement and runs weekly outdoor group classes in Hong Kong parks and public spaces. Check out his Instagram for videos of him crawling on the floor, balancing a stick on his shoulder or bouncing a ball on his forehead to get a glimpse of what it means to move for life.

Ramona Pascual, professional boxer

Don’t be fooled by Ramona Pascual’s pretty face—thePro MMA fighter is the first woman in Hong Kong to make a career out of MMA. When she’s not preparing for a fight, she’s a personal trainer whose Instagram feed features workout posts along with her personal journey with fitness.

Harry, self defence coach

Known for his women's-only self-defence programme, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt instructor Harry is also a personal trainer at SHBJJ. Since the gym's closure, he has been posting outdoor workout posts that may just be what you need to get you off your couch.

Victoria Campos, coach at CrossFit Asphodel

Having earned the “Fittest in Hong Kong” title in 2018, Campos continues to be an inspiring athlete and coach at CrossFit Asphodel. These days, you can find her riding waves on Hong Kong waters—hit her up for one-on-one or small group wakesurfing, e-foiling sessions.

Asia spa hong kong personal trainer wellness fitness instagram covid 19 gyms