Can Crystals Offer Healing in Times of Uncertainty?

Learn how you can use crystals from the founders of OMSA

Asia spa wellness healing crystals

Crystals. Victoria Beckham places them around her home and office to create positive energy. Jenna Dewan takes a bath with them along with sea salt and oils. Adele performs with one in her hand on stage to manage stage fright.

Crystals have been around since ancient times as forms of medicine, harnessing thousands—sometimes millions—of the Earth’s history that grants its healing power to channel positive energy, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and help you stay grounded—something we all need in times of uncertainty.

So, how exactly do these sacred stones heal us? We asked Coco Chan and Valerie Ho, co-founders of Hong Kong’s spiritual wellness portal OMSA, to find out everything a beginner needs to know.

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What is crystal healing?
Crystal healing is an ancient alternative modality utilising the vast frequencies of crystal specimens to readjust and balance energies held within the body. Crystals are able to clear, move and transform energies within our auric field.

OMSA Stone Pendulum
OMSA Stone Pendulum (HKD $240) to understand and guide our higher self. Image: Courtesy of OMSA

What are the best ways to incorporate crystals in our everyday lives?
There are many ways to incorporate crystals into our daily lives but here’s a few that we love:

  1. 1. Wear crystal as a jewellery amulet for protection
  2. 2. Use during meditation
  3. 3. Place in your workspace or home to call in different types of energies
  4. 4. Use during rituals to enhance their powers

Should we keep crystals at home or carry them with us?
There are plenty of ways to use crystals. The most common ways to use crystals are to carry them with you after setting a specific intention to raise your vibrations or to call in manifestations or use for protection. Crystals placed in different areas of the home can shift the energetic profile of a space to love, passion, serenity, etc.

How many crystals should we use/ have every time? Is there a minimum or maximum?
The beauty of working with crystals is that there are no rules—trust your intuition to guide you! Tune into what your body needs and the crystal that you should work with at that moment will resonate with you the most. Sometimes there may be more than one specimen that pops up!

OMSA Labradorite
Labradorite is utilised to create a stronger connection with the stars, moon and sun. Image: Courtesy of OMSA

What can crystals offer in times of uncertainty like now?
During these times, we can turn to our crystal friends for support in grounding, courage, stability, security, love and compassion. The energies within the crystal playing field can provide a natural comfort at the most primal levels, particularly when we are feeling anxious and isolated from nature. We can confide in crystals any time we need support energetically.

Are expensive crystals better?
The cost of a crystal is more a reflection of its scarcity and possibly size, rather than its ability to have a profound impact on us. One of our brand pillars at OMSA is affordability when it comes to spiritual wellness. We believe that crystals can be and should be enjoyed by everyone at accessible prices.

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OMSA Labradorite Polished (1 Side)
OMSA Labradorite Polished -1 side (HKD $150) to heal and protect our natural energy. Image: Courtesy of OMSA

What do we differentiate man-made crystals from natural crystals?
Natural crystals hold many years of energy and history within them and give off a strong pulsating vibration. Man-made crystals hold energies of an artificial lab creation and are often perfect in cut.

How should a beginner choose a crystal?
Our advice to anyone starting out on their crystal journey experience is to tune into their own energies first. Trust your intuition and you'll be able to pick the right crystal for you at that moment. The first crystal that ‘pops out’ at you is the one that’s vibing at the same frequency as you. Google or read what the crystal energy properties are -- we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how accurate that connection is.

Does the origin of a healing crystal matter?
Crystals hold energy so how the crystal is harvested or mined matters. Always ask or find out how the crystals came about before purchasing. Ethically sourced crystals vibrate much higher than non-ethically sourced specimens. At OMSA, each of our crystals are lovingly hand selected, packed carefully and shipped from global suppliers which ensure their supply chain process maintains the high vibrations of extracted crystals. Before they arrive to clients, a cleansing and blessing ritual is performed to ensure these spiritual tools arrive ready to use and to be shaped by their owner.

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OMSA Crystal White Quartz Cluster
OMSA Crystal White Quartz Cluster (HKD$300) used to balance individual energies. Image: Courtesy of OSMA

Does the size of a healing crystal matter?
It’s true that the larger the crystal specimen the more energetic powers it wields. However, no matter the size, one is able to tune into the crystals frequencies for support.

Can we use different healing crystals at the same time?
This is common especially in crystal healing work. Oftentimes, a practitioner will use different crystals to balance individual energies in the body such as chakra healing.

How does one know if the healing crystal is working?
Check in with yourself on a scale from 0-10. 0 being I’m feeling extremely low and 10 being I’m feeling on top of the world. Once you know what ‘number’ you’re at you’ll be able to notice the difference before and afterwards. Use the crystals for healing for a minimum of 30 minutes and then check in with yourself again from 0-10 to see where you’re at.

How does crystal energy feel like?
Crystal energy feels different for everyone. Some people may ‘feel’ the vibrations or frequency, while others may ‘visualise’ or ‘see’ a colour associated with the energy of the crystal. More often than not, many people will simply feel more tranquil, less anxious, and more present. Even this subtle shift is proof that the crystal energy is having an effect on you. The most profound changes can happen in the most undetectable moments - that’s how crystals maintain their magical aura and invisible powers, while relevant to humans even in modern day.

Hero Photo: Amanda Vick/Unsplash

Asia spa wellness healing crystals