Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong's Newest Infrared Hot Yoga Studio

Find out more about Hong Kong's first Infrared Hot Yoga Studio, Flowga

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Hot yoga has grown in popularity across the globe over the past few years. In Hong Kong, hot yoga classes are offered at commercial and boutique studios alike, where the room temperature is turned up to between 30°C and 40°C. Practicing yoga in a heated room is thought to help practitioners achieve a deeper stretch from yoga postures and sweat out more toxins than in a regular-temperature room. However, not everyone enjoys sweating buckets while holding poses, and some may even feel dizzy or nauseated as the body has a harder time cooling down when the room is hot.

Lucky for us, we can soon experience the benefits of hot yoga without finding ourselves dripping in sweat after class. Enter Flowga, Hong Kong’s first hot yoga studio to combine infrared heating, pumping beats and candlelight. Located in Lan Kwai Fong, Flowga has a unique concept that breaks the mold of traditional yoga. Here are five things you need to know about the latest addition to the city’s yoga scene:

The studio has 16 infrared panels

Flowga Infared Yoga Studio Central, Hong Kong
Flowga's floor-to-ceiling windows are closed during the yoga sessions and infared panels are turned on. Image: Courtesy of Flowga

When you enter the airy 2,000-square-foot studio, the first things you’ll notice are the floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace outfitted with a wooden sundeck and a Japanese maple tree in the middle.

But the windows are actually closed and the room becomes pitch-black whenever there’s a class. The infrared panels are turned on throughout the class, whether it’s the studio’s signature “Sweat & Flow”, the fitness-based “Sweat & Power” or candlelight class.

As infrared panels heat up your body directly instead of the air around you, the room temperature remains cool throughout the class, which allows you to get the most out of your practice in a lower temperature.

The benefits of infrared heat include detoxification, improved blood circulation, muscle relief, reduced signs of aging and more.

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It’s mirror-less
While mirrors are great tools to check our form and posture, it can sometimes be a distraction when we focus too much on how we look and compare ourselves with others in the room.

Flowga wants to create a space where their members can have fun on the mat, go wild and release their energy without having to worry about how they look and what other people may think.

It’s eco-friendly

Flowga Infared Yoga Studio Central, Hong Kong
Flowga is a eco-friendly studio where the floors were made by a demolished school gymnasium in Scotland. Image: Courtesy of Flowga

Flowga is also proud to be an eco-friendly studio, where no single-use plastic is used and the floor is recycled from a demolished school gymnasium in Scotland.

Eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner and body wash from New Zealand brand Ecostore are available in both female and male showers.

Unlimited sparkling water
When it comes to hydration, Flowga is going the extra mile with a water fountain that dispenses both still and sparkling water.

Remember to bring your own water bottle, as you’ll also be treated to iced tea after every hot session.

It’ll be fun

Flowga Infared Yoga Studio Central, Hong Kong
Flowga is also a dog-friendly studio. Bring your furry friends! Image: Courtesy of Flowga

"We want our members to party on the mat,” said co-founder Sasha. Expect weekend live music yoga sessions, themed yoga classes (hip-hop anyone?) and more once the studio is officially open.

Flowga is set to open on Saturday, May 16. Drop-in is priced at HK$300 and the “New to Flowga” package is available for first-timers at HK$800, which includes unlimited access to the studio’s classes for two weeks.

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