These Hong Kong Studios Are Offering Live Guided Meditation Online

Stay home, stay safe.

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Staying positive during these uncertain times can be difficult. Thankfully, meditation studios around Hong Kong are offering virtual meditation classes for those of us who need a bit of guidance to keep our mind healthy. Here are our top picks that you can follow along at home.

Enhale Studio

Enhale Studio Online Meditation Classes
Enhale Studio is currently holding 3 student meditation practices and an online class in variety of sessions. Image: Courtesy of Enhale Studio

Enhale Studio is offering its meditation classes in studio (three participants max) and online. Classes range from meditation for stress reduction, reiki, taoist neigong to clarity breathwork. Each class is led by Enhale’s team of meditation instructors, who are knowledgeable in their respective meditation style and techniques.

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Ikigai Online Meditation Classes
Ikigai's kundalini meditation and gentle yoga allows you channel your energy in your body. Image: Courtesy of Ikigai

Find your ikigai (reason for being) with the studio’s online meditation classes. The Kundalini meditation and gentle yoga class is a deep meditative experience designed to create physical vitality, raise consciousness and activate your dormant energy, which lives at the base of the spine. Led by Mehek Gidwani, this Kundalini meditation class fuses yogic science with breathwork to detoxify, balance and strengthen our chakra systems and energy.

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Red Doors Studio

Red Doors Studio Online Meditation Classes
Red Doors Studio has a free zoom class or a 3 participant studio class. Image: Courtesy of Red Doors Studio

Fuelled by her passion to elevate others, founder of Red Doors Studio Martha Collard continues to lead meditation sessions to spread healing energy during uncertain times. Experience Miracle Mantra, a 62-minute mantra with a focus on positivity, miracles or wellbeing. No experience is needed for this class, and you can either attend in studio (three participants max) or via zoom online (for free).

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Anahata Yoga

Working from home can be stressful at times, so taking care of your mental wellbeing should be your priority during this period. Anahata Yoga is offering different options for those of us who need a bit of spiritual guidance at home. Besides online exclusive yoga classes, the Pranayama & Meditation class focuses on energy expansion techniques to help you stay in the present moment through breathing exercises.

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Samadhi Training Centre For The Soul


Hong Kong meditation studio Samadhi is offering meditation classes for both children and adults. During this period where social distancing is our current norm, spending time at home can be optimised by joining an online guided meditation with the whole family. The Meditation for World Peace takes place every Monday is free for everyone to join via Zoom.

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Asia spa wellness meditation online red doors studio