Lify: the Hong Kong Startup Delivering Personalised Wellness, One Cup at a Time

Traditional herbal medicine meets modern innovation.

Asia spa hong kong wellness Lify Wellness Smart Herbal Brewer

Roll out of bed and grab a cup of coffee. For many of us, it’s a routine we’ve been following for as long as we can remember. But what if you replaced that coffee with an herbal beverage customised to your body’s exact needs at that moment? Maybe you didn’t sleep well and you need an energy boost, or you feel a cold coming on and want to bolster your immunity.

Hong Kong-based sisters Mazing Lee and Connie Lee, with backgrounds in luxury branding and industrial design respectively, were running a design consultancy firm when they started pondering this same question. “We started doing a lot of research and development into how people want a daily living solution that combines wellness and a healthier lifestyle,” Connie says.

“Wellness is an area we really wanted to explore, and to create something new [for the market],” Mazing adds. “We saw a lot of potential in herbal medicine and East-meets-West wisdom. But Chinese herbal medicine can be quite complicated, and people don’t have the time to figure out what’s best for them.”

Asia spa hong kong wellness Lify Wellness Smart Herbal Brewer 2

So the sisters decided to reinvent traditional herbal wisdom with the help of modern design and technology. The result, launched in December 2019, is the Lify Smart Wellness Beverage Ecosystem comprising a Smart Herbal Brewer, integrated AI-backed app and fully biodegradable Herbal Discs.

“If you follow the traditional methods, herbal blends can be difficult to prepare,” Mazing says. “So we try to make it easy, quick and simple.”

By connecting the app and brewer, users can receive personalised recommendations based on their wellness goals, current health condition and weather on the day. The app will also track users’ habits, mood and diet patterns, and adjust the brewing temperature, infusion time and volume based on individual needs.

Asia spa hong kong wellness Lify Wellness Smart Herbal Brewer 3
Smart Herbal Brewer, with AI-backed app and fully biodegradable Herbal Discs.
Smart Herbal Brewer, with AI-backed app that can track your habit, mood and diet patters to make your customised drink. Image: Courtesy of Lify

The single-serving discs, meanwhile, are available in 13 blends developed by experts in Chinese and Western herbal medicine. Boost is made with American ginseng and premium grade Tieguanyin tea; Young with chamomile, nettle, orange peel and Oolong tea; and Teatox with fennel seeds, ginger and chamomile.

Mazing and Connie were particularly focused on making sure the formulations would be suitable for urban dwellers and their concerns, with ingredients to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, aid digestion and promote healthy sleep cycles.

Since its launch, Lify has been introduced at retail stores, luxury hotels, serviced apartments and corporate offices. It has also won several international design awards, and was one of five startups selected into New World Group’s Impact Kommons accelerator programme in February 2020.

The company is now looking to expand into Southeast Asia, Europe and the US, and plans to launch additional subscription and wellness programmes later this year. So don’t be surprised if the next time you roll out of bed, you’re reaching for your Lify app instead of that cup of coffee.

The Lify Smart Wellness Beverage Ecosystem is available at J Select, ColourLiving, The Artistry, LifeHub, Tinted Nail Bar and at lifywellness.com. A starter kit with brewer and four tubes of discs (14 discs/tube) retails for HK$2,999.

Asia spa hong kong wellness Lify Wellness Smart Herbal Brewer